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Stainless steel mobile storage tanks are suitable for food, juice, dairy, condiment, brewing, beer, pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering industries, liquid materials storage and transportation. According to the storage capacity of 50-10000L, the storage capacity is above 20,000L. It is recommended to use outdoor storage. The storage tank is made of SUS316L or 304-2B stainless steel. The storage tank has good thermal insulation performance. The attached equipment is as follows: Export port, manhole, thermometer, liquid level indicator, high and low level alarm, fly prevention, dustproof breathing vent, sterile sampling port, meter, CIP cleaning sprinkler.

Stainless steel mobile tank structure and performance:
1. The tank body is selected to be of high quality sanitary grade 304 or 316L stainless steel. The inner surface mirror polishing Ra≤0.28μm, the outer surface is polished matt, mirror surface, sandblasted or cold rolled primary color matt;

2.The volume has a variety of specifications, such as 50L-10000L, can also be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of customers;

3. The tank body adopts single or double layer structure, and fills the insulation material according to user requirements;

4. Insulation material is made of high temperature, anti-aging polyurethane foam or pearl cotton;

5. The interface adopts the international common standard quick-loading chuck type;

6. This product has movable wheels (the wheels are turned to brake directional wheels);

7. with a stainless steel cover, the barrel with a hand push.


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