Liquid washing mixer series

  • Liquid washing mixer series
  • Capacity:100-5000L
  • Material : SS316 and SS304
  • Mixing: upper mixing
  • Mixing speed :0-65rpm
  • Homogenizing:upper or bottom homogenizer
  • Homogenizing speed :0-3600rpm
  • Control: Button control control
  • Heating way : steam heating or electric heating
  • Useful: liquid soap,shampoo,detergent etc
  • Warranty: one year

Basic Information

Homogeneous mixer introduction:

Homogeneous mixer is also known as reactor, mainly used in chemical, food, liquid washing supplies (such as glue, food seasoning, detergent, shower gel, shampoo etc.). The mixer set mixing, homogenizing, dispersion (optional), heating, cooling and degassing (optional) functions such as one, is the ideal equipment for domestic industrial production.

Homogeneous mixer main composition system:

  • Heating thermostat system (electric heating / steam heating)
  • Slow mixing function (frame type scraping wall scraping bottom mixing)
  • Homogeneous emulsification function (high-speed shear homogeneous head)
  • Control system (button control / PLC touch screen control)

Homogeneous mixer performance and characteristics:

  • Homogeneous function is generally divided into: upper homogeneous, bottom homogeneous, internal and external circulation homogeneous (according to the production process selection).
  • Stirring function is generally divided into: one-way frame-type scraper mixing, two-way frame-style wall mixing.
  • Mixing, homogeneous use of imported inverter speed, to meet the requirements of different production processes.
  • German technology homogeneous structure, speed can be customized, the maximum shear fineness can reach 2um-5um.
  • Pot body three stainless steel structure, mirror polished, in full compliance with GMP requirements.
  • Half open cover type, easy to feed, easy to clean.

Safety protection system:

  • Mixing, homogeneous overload, or power grid over-voltage,machine will automatic stop.
  • Pot body jacket steam pressure exceeds the set pressure ,machine will automatic discharge pressure.
  • Main pot cooling water into the jacket pressure exceeds the set pressure ,machine will automatic drainage water.
  • Emergency control system emergency stop button to prevent emergency immediately stop.
  • Equipment rack and electrical box and operating eye-catching are affixed with safety signs (Chinese and English)


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