GFJ Tube filling and sealing machine

Tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for various plastic tubes, aluminum-plastic composite tubes, automatic color coding, filling, sealing, printing and tail cutting. It is widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Features: This machine adopts touch screen and PLC control, automatic upper tube, automatic positioning and hot air heating system formed by imported fast and efficient heater and high stability flow meter. It has firm sealing and fast speed, does not damage the appearance of sealing part, and seals the tail. Beautiful and tidy. The machine can be equipped with a variety of filling heads of different specifications to meet the filling requirements of different viscosities, and is equipped with a plexiglass dust cover.

Characteristics: Tube filling and sealing machine is completed by the fully automatic operating system for pipe management, identification, filling, hot melt, sealing, coding, trimming and finished products. The pipe is completed pneumatically, and the action is accurate and reliable.

Rotary control hose center positioning device, using photoelectric induction to complete automatic positioning.
Material contact is made of 316L stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic and fully compliant with GMP requirements.

With safety device, open the door, no pipe filling, overload protection.


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